Tuina Massage

Tuina is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, next to Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy and Qi Gong. Tuina practiced in China is very comprehensive, in that it seeks to treat internal illnesses as well as musculoskeletal injuries Today Tuina exists in Chinese hospitals as an entire department contributing with clinical research and experience.

In my practice, I use Tuina as a massage modality that emphasizes both the physical and energetic aspects of the body. This means the muscles and joints as well as the energy sensations of the meridians and acupoints. Muscles are relaxed and toned, meridians are opened and filled with vital energy. Both Yin and Yang (opposite polarity) aspects of the body, material and inmaterial are attended to and balanced.

This balance is achieved with hand techniques developed in China over thousands of years and other techniques including moxibustion (the application of mugwort herb with heat), Guasha (scraping ), Cupping (suction cups), joint range of motion and, heat and cold application.

A Tuina treatment is both invigorating and relaxing integration of Yin and Yang!