A Brief Overview of the Treatments we offer

Acupuncture - A Traditional Chinese Medicine technique using fine needles along the body's meridians.

Tuina Massage - A Traditional Chinese Medicine technique based on massage and pressure along the body's energy channels.

Cupping - A Traditional Chinese Medicine technique using plastic "suction" cupping sets to encourage blood into specific areas to help the healing process.

Nutritional Therapy - Advisement on how the food you eat effects your body and guidance on changing your nutrition intake.

Herbal Therapy - A Traditional Chinese Medicine modality involving herbal supplements to complement treatments.

Flower Essences - A supplementary healing modality making use of the energetic properties of flowers.

Essential Oils - Used to enhance the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and massage, applied directly or via aromatherapy.

Energy Foot Bath - A detoxifying and energizing foot spa treatment!

The Acupuncture and Natural Health Center has been offering free sessions to qualifying veterans since 2005. Currently we participate with the Returning Veterans Project to offer free sessions to post 9-11, 2001 deployed veterans and their families.