If you are in search of someone who really cares about helping you find relief, Teresa Bresnan is who we highly recommend.

I have been suffering for about ten years with my medical conditions. I have tried all kinds of medical treatments and therapy to relieve my pain. The only option I had was to do more explorative type procedures or to go back to prescriptions. My doctors had used me as a guinea pig to try different types of medications that weren't even made to treat what I had. I trusted them, because of ignorance and being young. I became more ill every year when I was under their care. More medical conditions surfaced, and I was broke from all of the copay's and office visits, depressed and lost. Being a mother of a beautiful and active ten year old and having a family to care for, life became more and more difficult. It was a deep, dark pit I had slipped into.

I found Teresa and decided to try acupuncture and natural medicine, despite being a needlephobic. I had tried absolutely every thing else with my other doctors. From treatments and procedures, to prescriptions. That was the worst experience, and I wish I had been aware to the many holistic approaches that were available to me as alternatives. I was surprised after every appointment I made to Teresa's office, how relaxed I was during my treatment and for the whole rest of the day after my appointment. I found myself booking appointment after appointment.

Theresa was very professional and immediately surprised me with her holistic approach and how accurate she was with helping me define how I had been feeling. It can be challenging to put into words what your source of pain is and what it could be caused from. Luckily, sometimes the biggest problems, have the simplest solutions...

This office has so many whole health services to offer that are natural and so much less invasive than what I had been used to. I love that Teresa has our daily health essentials stocked at her front desk. She is very thoughtful and careful with all of her sources for her products and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to whole health care.

Soon I had my daughter and my husband both making appointments to go see her to help them find relief from their daily struggles. My daughter started calling her Mother Teresa because of how much she has helped us. This office is so comfortable and helps you find the right path to feeling better.

Teresa, thank you for teaching my family all the little things to be happier and healthier. You're amazing and we're so grateful.

~ The Caldwell Family. Medford OR

I have a lot of wonderful things to say about Maria Teresa Bresnan and her Acupuncture and Natural Health Center located in Medford. Having known and seen her for a variety of treatments on and off for close to 18 years, I can certainly speak to her integrity and sincerity, her skill and commitment in helping people heal.

Recently I have experienced a bit of a health crisis from a 50 year old injury to my spine. My doctor sent me to a neurologist to seek a surgical solution. This was somewhat terrifying and I was very unsure what to do but surprisingly, when I asked what he thought of my seeking alternative healing modalities, he gave me the OK. He seemed aware of the efficacy of acupuncture. I have what is called stenosis; my lower discs are crushed, I have bone spurs and my nerves have become seriously impinged. I was having numbness down my legs, sharp pain from my hip to my sacroiliac. I had gotten to a point where standing, walking, getting up and down was difficult and extremely painful. I became weak. Nerve pain in my skin was terrible.

I called Teresa and asked if she believed acupuncture could help my condition, she assured me it could and has been treating me with acupuncture, electrical stimulation and herbal nutrition for the nerve damage and the results have been wonderful. Within 5 visits the nerve pain went from constant to an occasional slight twing and these get less and less with every treatment.

I also found a wonderful physical therapist (Kelly Martin in Medford) and by combining the two modalities, I just keep feeling better and better. I understand that healing naturally will take time, discipline and a lot of work, but the results so far are beyond encouraging. Over all, I am doing so much better that I am feeling confident I can avoid the surgery. I feel extremely fortunate that I knew Teresa. She is a true healer.

Sincerely, Francine Lowenberg, Talent OR

Teresa is one the best acupuncturists I have ever been to! First thing, the comfort you feel in her office is the best. The aroma therapy tent was amazing! It opened my sinuses and relaxed me. The flower essence blends for various needs such as anxiety, sadness and or any discomfort are my favorite! They just work for me.Every acupuncture treatment has released the pain and I always feel better when leaving my appointment.

~ Andrea P. Medford OR

My experience in getting acupuncture from M. Teresa Bresnan had been wonderful. She has treated my bone bruise/knee healing by using acupuncture and suggesting nutritional changes. I have had six sessions and my knee is stronger and more durable than it has been in the past 15 months. Teresa is intelligent, methodical, and a wonderful listener as well. I look forward to my session each week because I know it will be relaxing, informative, and best of all I will be healthier after each visit.

~ Nathan Beard, Cutting Edge Job Development LLC

As a Veteran it was a bit of stretch to move from traditional medicine and add acupuncture and expand beyond my comfort zone.
Initially I was skeptical. However after the second visit I knew the acupuncture was having a very positive affect on pain management. But between your education of this lesser used method of healing worn out bodies, adding minerals and vitamins as supplemental means to balance out our bodies needs and encouragement to change our life style and our diets it is making larger difference than I expected. I know it won't be fixed overnight but it is forward movement I've not had in a few years.
Thank You.

~ Kevin USAF, SMSgt (Ret)

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Teresa for three years, and thanks to her, I have experienced great relief from allergies, fatigue and most recently, migraines. Teresa has a remarkable gift for healing – and her wisdom and compassion have helped me tremendously in my healing journey.

~ Laura Leebrick, Medford, OR

I was diagnosed with a 7cm cyst on my right ovary and facing an invasive surgery. Maria Teresa treated me with a therapy of acupuncture and herbal supplements and within four months the ovarian cyst had completely resolved itself. I was extremely pleased with Maria’s healing touch and overall kindness and support.
Thank You.

~ Holly S. Medford, OR

When I first came into Teresa’s office I was a basket case. My anxiety was so bad I was on the verge of not being able to go outside. I have tried all types of medications, a lot of them made it worse. Acupuncture was my last hope, and I was very skeptical. By the time I left my first visit, I could breathe and I was not in the constant state of panic that I had been in. Twenty four hours later, I was setting up another appointment and taking the herbs and essential oils Teresa suggested. Acupuncture has also helped mange my pain from the complications of several surgeries I had. It has also helped my headaches. I highly recommend Teresa’s holistic approach to healing mind, body, and spirit. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and in less pain. Overall more at peace.

~ Alicia J., Medford OR

Detox Foot Bath: At first, I was skeptical, but when I walked in to my first footbath detox treatment, I was in pain. My joints were stiff because of arthritis, and I have bulging disks, stenosis, and bone spurs in my neck and low back. In addition I was having a bad episode of indigestion that day, upset stomach and a strong headache and burning eyes. Amazingly, one hour later I walked out with nothing wrong with me. Indigestion was gone, my joints didn’t feel stiff anymore, and the pain was gone! Three treatments later, I sleep better and my overall wellness has improved a lot. I’ve noticed that even the skin on my feet looks and feels soft and smooth. I highly recommend the NRG footbath.

~ John S. Central Point OR

I went to Teresa because my baby was in a breech position and I was scheduled to have an external version done at the hospital. I saw Teresa on a Friday and she did an acupuncture treatment (that did not involve needles) to help my baby turn. She showed me how to continue the the treatment at home over the weekend and I did it. I could feel him move after every treatment but I wasn't sure that it worked until I went into the hospital on Monday and just prior to the procedure my doctor did an ultrasound and my baby had flipped all on his own. The external version wasn't necessary. I am convinced that what Teresa did (and I continued over the weekend) caused him to go on his own, since with my previous birth I did have an external version. If only I had known about acupuncture for my first baby.

I went back to Teresa a few weeks later because the my doctor wanted to induce me. Teresa had previously told me that there is acupuncture treatments that can help you go into labor. I was scheduled to be induced on a Thursday and I did three treatments with Teresa from Monday - Wednesday. Since I had never experienced acupuncture before it was a little bit of an uncomfortable experience on the first day. However, every day was easier and although it did not put me into labor completely I did have a lot of contractions and I could tell my body was getting ready. On the day that I did get induced my labor progressed without the need for any pitocin and I was able to have a natural childbirth with labor that only lasted 3 1/2 hours. Teresa mentioned that acupuncture helps with your bodies natural endorphin's and my pain was very manageable throughout this birth. I am again so thrilled with the outcome and so thankful to Teresa for being around and helping me reach the type of birth I could have only dreamed of.
Thank you for everything,

~ Angela Hibbard, Medford, OR

I have been receiving treatment from Teresa for a chronic illness for several years, and I have experienced increase energy, pain management, and improvement in my overall health. Teresa has been a wonderful resource to me in many aspects of my treatment, such as herbs, supplements, aromatherapy, and dietary changes that have helped me in my journey to achieve better health. The acupuncture center is peaceful and beautiful, and I find it so easy to relax, rejuvenate and feel inspired. Teresa's knowledge, gentle disposition, and motivation have all been instrumental to me becoming stronger, decreasing my pain, and managing my illness so I can enjoy and live a full life.

~ Cory P. Medford OR

When I first spoke with Teresa Bresnan on the phone to make an appointment, I recall being very impressed by her positive demeanor and her forthrightness. I had an intuitive sense that she would be very helpful in dealing with my numerous health care needs. Litlle did I know at that time just how helpful she would be.
I brought in a problem of pain and restricted movement in my left shoulder, lower back pain, acid reflux, low energy, dry red eyes, and overall malaise. I am writing this six weeks after my first appointment and each of the problems have been 80% to 100% solved. It is my plan to see Teresa on a periodic basis for the purpose of maintenance and to address continuing and any possible new health issues. The treatments were primarily acupuncture, but also involved cupping massage, oriental herbs and supplements, flower essence and some extremely helpful information and advice regarding diet and other lifestyle choices. It is certainly good that the use of acupuncture and the application of oriental medicine are becoming not only acceptable as medical practice but more and more identified as preventive medicine.
Teresa’s extraordinary educational and experiential background enables her to add something uniquely special to the provision of her health care services other than that of an extremely competent medical practitioner. I would describe it as an advanced healing and spiritual energy. She has awakened in me the desire to more effectively balance my body, mind and spirit. I was recently going over in my mind the people in my long life that have had a significant and positive impact on my sense of self and on my health and overall wellbeing. There were only a few and Teresa is one of them. I am very pleased to recommend her without hesitation.

~ Robert, Ashland, OR

Once I received the diagnosis of breast cancer, I found myself dealing with the standard western medical approach to cancer care. I needed to balance this with a more natural, individualized treatment. Having had acupuncture treatments in the past, I felt that it would be helpful in dealing with the side effects of surgery and chemotherapy. My search led me to Teresa Bresnan. I started seeing Teresa right after surgery and throughout my chemotherapy regimen. Her nutritional guidance, experience and treatments made such a positive difference in my ability to handle the effects of chemotherapy and played a key role in my recovery. I highly recommend Teresa, not only for cancer treatment support, but as part of an integrative approach to general health care.

~ D. Salmon

I highly recommend Teresa Bresnan as a top notch health care provider. I experienced 25 years of chronic sinusitis problems that were not resolved despite two sinus surgeries, countless antibiotic, antihistamine and steroid treatments. Following the second surgery to reduce the frequency and duration of sinus infections, my condition worsened. I spent 6 months on antibiotics and steroids. During that time I sought out what was for me a "radical" approach to the condition. Working as a team the last 5 years, Teresa & I have achieved a high level of success to the point of reducing sinus episodes to 1-2 per year with no antibiotic or steroid treatment. Teresa's expertise is a holistic approach to wellness that includes nutrition, herbs, massage, acupuncture and a great sense of humor.

~ Wendy B. Medford, OR

5 months ago I was ready to give up. No energy, depressed, stressed out, suffering PTSD, aches in my bones and joints from auto-immune disease, psoriasis flare ups and acne, constipation, heartburn, abdominal pain, migraines, tendon pain and varicose veins from peripheral vascular disease and obesity. This after 5 surgeries. Every time I saw the doctor they prescribed a different medication with brutal side effects and no relief. The root problems were not addressed, just attempts at covering up the symptoms. I tried to figure things out on my own but became overwhelmed quickly. I desperately needed help from someone who would listen! In a last ditch effort I found Teresa's website. She actually did listen! The first needles relaxed me into sleep. Teresa identified several problems immediately and began weekly treatments. She gently told me how eating so much was adversely affecting my digestive system and explained adrenal fatigue and recommended adrenal support herbs. She figured out that food allergies were causing many problems. Once those foods and processed foods were replaced with fresh organic foods I began to feel better. My mind began to clear and the stress lessened. With time I quit smoking. Even with nicotine patches the withdraws and cravings were pretty bad but the acupuncture really helped. Combined with Chinese herbs, essential oils, flower essences, dietary changes and many different types of treatment Teresa provided, energy and joy has returned to my life AND with exercise and good diet I am 23 pounds lighter!! She recommended great reading material and looking at the books in her office brought me comfort spiritually. Many doors have opened up as a result.
Teresa is a compassionate healer and highly skilled practitioner on many levels with a wealth of knowledge and keen intuition. To have been treated so well with nothing but solutions, dignity and respect I feel tremendous gratitude...to have my body mind and spirit back is priceless and a true blessing. I highly recommend Teresa, especially for a complete overhaul.

~ :) Mary Froehlich

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little skeptical the first time I met with Teresa, but within five minutes she knew more my body than any of the doctors I had spent years with. I had been suffering from daily headaches for almost two years and had been given every pill there is, but at no point had anyone ever suggested that we figure out the cause of my headaches. Teresa spent almost two hours with me on my first visit, getting to know me and trying to understand what imbalances were causing my pain. After cutting out dairy and meeting with Teresa for one month I finally had my first headache-free day in years, and each session I am feeling better and better. Teresa was not interested in just treating me, she actually wanted to heal me. I am so grateful to be taking this journey with her and learning about my body and my health.

~ Tiki Rust, Jacksonville, OR

I came to Teresa Feeling lots of aches and pains but also very sad and depressed. After 3 sessions with her, following some of her recommended diet changes and nutrition guidelines I am feeling amazingly better. I have so much more energy sleep better and I am handling stress so much better. I recommend her highly!!! I have continued with a once a month regime to keep me on track.

~ Lynn McBee, 57 year old female!!

"I lost my sense of smell and taste for over five weeks. With one treatment, M.T. Bresnan restored both. I am very thankful.

~ L.M. Medford. OR

A testimonial from Jeannie Parker about God’s wonderful healing of my femur. Now let me tell you this is amazing! But, I am not surprised what the Lord can do. I broke my femur late in 2014. The doctors discovered at that time I also had bone cancer in my femur. After the usual course of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, there was severe pain in my leg. I had developed chemotherapy and radiation induced neuropathy. The doctors told me it would take the nerves two years to heal. I could barely walk and had to use a walker to get around. I started acupuncture and herbal therapy, and 5 months later my pain is much better and I no longer use the walker. Back in 2009 I suffered from shingles and the acupuncture helped me then as well. I feel the Lord is using Teresa as an instrument and this is my miracle in progress.

~ Jeannie Parker, Medford, OR